Staaaaahpt it…

“I was watching a movie,” she told him. “I took the pills a few minutes before I was planning to go to bed but I fell asleep on the couch. There was the sound of breaking glass…but I don’t remember who or what happened…”

“The meds may have interfered with your memory of events,” he said. “Do you know of anyone who might go to these lengths?”

“Yes. No. Yes. I don’t know why they would. I’m really confused right now. And so is the author. She can’t quite nail down my reaction.”

“She’s confused, as well. Just woke up and wrote down those last two sentences. She’s trying to figure out if Shark should be the one to point out the meds or should it be Egger because he’s the possible bad guy in this scenario.”

She nodded. “As well, she wants Shark to look like a romantic foil, because you guys are having sex and there’s obviously sexual tension between you and I.”

“There is.” He nodded. “And we are. And it’s good hot sex. And Shark will get jealous but it’s more like a dog with a bone than a love thing… although we’d both take a bullet for the other, according to the first draft.”

“She’s also trying to figure out how much I remember of the night. I mean, how am I supposed to not remember anything. Holy mother of god, would you believe she started writing what I just said yesterday?”

“Yes, I can. She’s been busy.”

“No, she fucking hasn’t. She’s been fucking stoned.”

“She has a day job. An exhausting day job.”

“She had TWO DAYS OFF.”

“Yeah, but, you know. She doesn’t write at night and her days off of work sometimes she’s too exhausted to-“

“Not too exhausted to binge Sense8 and Harlots.”

“She considers that to be-“

“Don’t you dare say research.”

“She had the memorial yesterday.”

“I’ll give her yesterday, no problem. She had to work and go to the memorial. But one thousand words a day… that’s all I ask and it’s not much. One thousand words a day and I would have been out of these wets clothes weeks ago. Wait, which one of us is talking? One of us is in wet clothes.”

“I think it’s you. Hang on. Yeah, it’s you.”

“Okay, I know that and you know that and she knows that but will anyone else?”

“Um. Pretty sure nobody’s going to read this part.”

“She’ll probably post it on her fucking blog. Ha ha ha, look at the writing process, ha ha ha.”

He shuddered. “No. She doesn’t want anyone to read her blog. Not yet.”

She winced at the thought. “True. I really thought she’d been done with the second draft of us right now. I mean, she’s got the basics already written. She knows where we end up and how we get there. What is her issue?”

“Fear of success/failure/premature publication? Shit, did you notice it took her another 24 hours to have me speak again?”

“Yes. We clipped our dog’s nails and binge-watched Atlantis.”

“You, me, or her?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“You have a dog?”

“Wait, which one of us is talking right now?”

“Fuck this. Let’s skip the whole plot and get to the sex.”

“I’m not that kind of girl, er, boy… I give up.”

“Did she just go back and edit, like three of those sentences as though it were necessary? OMG she did it again while I was talking.”

“Your sentences or mine?”


“Oh sweet mother of mercy, she’s posted this draft on the blog and she’s editing it AS WE SPEAK.”

“I can’t live like this.” He pulled out his gun.

“Wait,” she said. “Do me first.”

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New place with an Epic View

I am living in my new place! Been here about a month and settling in fine. The back to front to back storms we’ve been experiencing hit my place especially hard as it’s on the cliffs overlooking the ocean but I can deal. Funny, this little plot of land has the best view in the Cove but is considered the wrong side of the tracks (more apropos, the wrong end of the landing strip). I’m back in to a writing routine and work is slow enough to give me some extra time. I do not know a thing about what the future holds only that I’m moving forward, one moment at a time.

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The View from Limbo

I am currently homeless. The situation sucks and doesn’t suck at the same time.

My dog seems to like it.

This is my dog pooping with a view. Must be nice. I just play Angry Birds until my butt falls asleep.

I am staying at the Inn until my new place is ready. The view from my room is amazing and I have worked out an equitable arrangement with the Innkeeper. As well, friends offered to share half of their storage unit so my belonging are safe and dry for the time being.

Which is good, because my new place is taking its sweet time getting ready. The process of replacing the broken windows and the sagging bathroom floor is less expeditious than anticipated. My fingers are crossed that the repairs are completed before the Inn’s generosity flags.

I am editing the book of a friend while in this limbo. The task is more difficult than I had anticipated. Because the story is a contemporary romance, I advised her to rework several scenes on the basis that if things progressed in the manner she was describing, the book would be about an emotionally abusive relationship that ends in a murder/suicide.

I actually said those words.

I must be in quite a mood.

The waves are crashing against the cliffs outside. There is the light of a boat on the horizon. The sky is dark; it’s not yet six in the morning. I’ve been up since three. I’m on my third cup of coffee.

I’m in limbo but the view is nice.



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Managing The Monarch: A Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Read Chuck Wendig’s blog. He’s fun and informative.

This is one of his flash fiction challenges, due today.

I got Gothic and Creature Feature.

Here she be.




The Monarch used to be a nice place. Mark Twain stayed here, back in the day. Now it’s a flop house. The hand-carved wooden bannisters have been whittled by decades of graffiti and the floor-to-ceiling murals in the lobby are covered in layer after layer of whitewash, ectoplasm, and jizz. The grand ballroom hosts only Anonymous meetings, infectious liaisons, and the occasional heroin overdose while the elevator is a literal death-trap and the stairwells smell of piss.

I have a job here, at The Monarch, through no fault of my own. I paid my rent, on time, every month. One morning, sixteen weeks ago, a cold draft slipped an envelope under my door. Within the envelope was a key, a business card, and a letter. The letter advised me that I was now the manager of the Monarch. My first responsibility was to clean up the former manager’s apartment and move into it. The key was to her apartment. The number on the card put me through to a lawyer’s assistant who advised me that I was contractually bound to accept the job if I wanted to continue living there.

Continue reading

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Enhanced Dictation

I’ve upgraded my Mac’s OS to the new El Capitan. Probably the last time they’ll let me update before my laptop is declared legally extinct. One of the perks of the new OS is the Enhanced Dictation feature. After hours of download time, I can now speak and the computer will spell it out for me. I’m not doing that right now because I have a cold. When you have a cold, the dictation gets a little wonky. Here is a little sample of roughing out an idea through dictation with a stuffed nose. I refrained from correcting things:


Bliss filter stomach drop when she saw her landlord standing in the shade of the porch, one hand lifted to knock on the glass pane. Diggity stop it stop scratching and licking. Tanner never drop by unannounced and the expression on his face did nothing to soothe her anxiety. Is down move down
Quote quotation” good morning Tanner, in quotation” delete that. Said bless, trying to hide the tremor in her hand by clutching the edge of the door.” Is everything okay.”?.
“no,” he said simply delete that without preamble.” I’m here to serve you an emergency eviction notice. Usually, this is something I would have the sheriff do but, we go way back, You and die, that I felt this was something I did doing person.” He lifted the clipboard and turned it around so she could see the paper tap to the face.” You need to be out at the house by the end of the day. I’m sorry, bliss. Capitalize bliss capitalize bliss fuck you LOL her to capitalized that no problem


Suffice to say, the dictation feature will be reserved for when I need to go hands-free, such as when I’m folding laundry at work or too drunk to navigate the keyboard.

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Cold Readings and Local Legends


I trained a new girl in town on the job for one day last week. She hasn’t come back but while she was there, we had some great conversations. She’s young (25) and charming and has a knack for making other people talk. As a storyteller, I talked. And talked. I told her about the local legends, the massacre on the beach, the town curse, and some plot points from my (fictional) Apparition Cove series. I told her which parts were fictional. I also told her that I imagine the ghosts moving en masse in the cold fog that wanders the streets of our outpost.

Now, the locals are talking about this new girl in town. She’s psychic, they are telling me. She knew things about this town that someone camping on the beach wouldn’t know. She knows all about the curse, the ghosts, the massacre. She gleaned it from sleeping on the black sand, she told them. She said the ghosts travel in the cold fog  and have communicated these stories to her.

She is gorgeous. And charming. And clever.

When I described her to a friend of mine (before the gossip tree relayed the above information), I said, “I couldn’t tell if she’s awesome or just blowing smoke up my ass, like a cold reader.”

A little of both, I suspect.


*update: a month or so has gone by. She left town last week. The Cove does have a way of shaking people loose.

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Still plugging along

I’m still plugging along. Writing but in a bit of a funk. Family and financial issues currently taking up a lot of room in my brain, crowding out more creative endeavors. Our landlord has put the house up for sale (again) and as our little Cove is becoming popular with outsiders, houses are being snatched up. Rentals are near impossible to come by but, with local ears to the ground, we should be able to find something.


EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION: bitch moan bitch moan whine poor me but otherwise everything is good.

Summer is coming.

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